Sxiv vs Pqiv Detailed Comparison as of 2024

In the world of image viewers for Linux systems, Sxiv and Pqiv are two popular choices known for their lightweight nature, simplicity, and versatility. Both tools offer users the ability to view images quickly and efficiently, but they differ in terms of features, customization options, and user experience. In this detailed comparison, we’ll take a closer look at Sxiv and Pqiv, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for different use cases in 2024.

Interface and Usability1. Interface and Usability

Sxiv, short for Simple X Image Viewer, prides itself on its minimalist interface and straightforward functionality. With Sxiv, users can navigate through images using keyboard shortcuts, zoom in and out, and perform basic image manipulation tasks. The interface is clean and uncluttered, making it easy to focus on the images themselves without distractions.

On the other hand, Pqiv (Pythonic Quick Image Viewer) offers a similar minimalist design but with a slightly more modern and polished interface. Pqiv supports multi-touch gestures for zooming and panning images, making it more intuitive to use on touch-enabled devices like laptops with touchscreens. Additionally, Pqiv provides more options for customizing the interface, such as changing the background color and adjusting the thumbnail size.

2. Performance and Resource Usage

Both Sxiv and Pqiv are known for their lightweight nature and efficient resource usage, making them ideal choices for users seeking fast and responsive image viewers. Sxiv, in particular, is renowned for its blazing-fast performance, thanks to its minimalistic design and reliance on keyboard shortcuts for navigation. With Sxiv, users can quickly open and browse through large collections of images without experiencing lag or slowdowns.

Pqiv also offers impressive performance and resource efficiency, although it may consume slightly more memory than Sxiv due to its additional features and customization options. However, Pqiv remains a lightweight and responsive image viewer overall, making it suitable for users with older or less powerful hardware.

3. Features and Customization

While both Sxiv and Pqiv prioritize simplicity and speed, they offer different sets of features and customization options to cater to different user preferences. Sxiv focuses primarily on core image viewing functionality, providing basic features like zooming, rotating, and slideshow mode. The emphasis is on efficiency and minimalism, with limited options for customization beyond keyboard shortcuts and basic settings.

In contrast, Pqiv offers a wider range of features and customization options, making it more versatile for users with specific requirements. In addition to core image viewing functionality, Pqiv supports advanced features like image filtering, color correction, and EXIF metadata display. Users can also customize the interface, keyboard shortcuts, and image display settings to suit their preferences.

4. Community and Support

Both Sxiv and Pqiv benefit from active development and support from their respective communities, ensuring that they remain up-to-date and compatible with the latest Linux distributions and hardware configurations. Sxiv, being older and more established, has a larger user base and more extensive documentation available online. Users can find tutorials, guides, and forums dedicated to Sxiv, making it easy to troubleshoot issues and learn new tips and tricks.

Pqiv, while less well-known than Sxiv, also enjoys a dedicated community of users and developers who contribute to its development and maintenance. While documentation and resources for Pqiv may be less abundant compared to Sxiv, users can still find helpful information and support through online forums, GitHub repositories, and other channels.


In conclusion, both Sxiv and Pqiv are excellent choices for users seeking lightweight, efficient, and customizable image viewers for Linux systems. Sxiv excels in simplicity and performance, offering a minimalist interface and fast navigation through keyboard shortcuts. Pqiv, while similar in design and philosophy, provides additional features and customization options, making it more versatile for users with specific requirements. Ultimately, the choice between Sxiv and Pqiv depends on individual preferences and priorities, with both tools offering a reliable and enjoyable image-viewing experience in 2024.