9 best tips for your WooCommerce store growth

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WooCommerce is among the numerous eCommerce platforms that are available. If your store is on it, you need to increase your WooCommerce store’s expansion to increase profits and sales.

Based on Insider Intelligence forecasts, US B2B sales of e-commerce will exceed $1.77 trillion by 2022. Source How can you expand your WooCommerce store to compete in this ever-growing market?

Then, WooCommerce offers a variety of plugins to help you grow your WooCommerce company and increase the number of sales. This article will provide the top tips to help you grow your WooCommerce store.

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What Does a Successful WooCommerce Shop Entail?

Your Shop will be a profitable WooCommerce Shop only if it is useful to your customer. It is essential to make your Shop visible so that the features you’ve built are utilized.

When the WooCommerce Shop begins to rank in the first place, the next thing to remember is that it will not take long to greet your customers. Speed is a critical factor not to overlook. A loading icon may keep it occupied for a moment or two, but it will turn them off in the long run.

In essence, a profitable WooCommerce store is similar to a successful brick-and-mortar shop. It should be situated on an easily accessible route, which is why your site should rank in the search results. An easy and smooth entrance is essential for a fast-loading website.

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Create Your Successful WooCommerce Shop with 8 best tips

In this article, I’ll go over the eight points you should remember when designing your online Shop to ensure optimal performance.

1. Speed

It’s not a new concept. It’s no surprise that speed is important in this rapidly-paced world. I’m not going to quote data (how much money you’ll lose in a single second, who is out of your Shop in how many seconds, and more) in this article because it is something you’ve probably seen many times.

The issue is if I cannot stay and patiently wait for an online store to load every time I visit a store, how do I expect anyone to purchase my plugin if it’s going to take forever to load my site?

There are some things you can do to ensure that speed does not become an issue for you. You can use a speedier web hosting provider, the deployment of a caching plugin, increasing the memory limit, and AJAX integration are a few items you must not ignore when building your online store.


2. Security

The default WordPress login username could be an easy target for hackers and the hackers’ community. Even if your password may be solid enough, a vile criminal can take down your store online using the server’s resources.

This is certainly not the ideal situation for you to find yourself in. To ensure security, keep this in mind; modifying the login URL on your WordPress website is recommended. There are a variety of free plugins that allow you to protect your admin URLs, WordPress login, and registration quickly.

3. Themes

Beyond the design and style of a theme, it’s its functionality that makes it stunning. The WooCommerce theme must be compatible with the extensions and plugins you install.

You should also select the theme with an ongoing update log. This is because you want to ensure that your Shop’s online presence isn’t affected by any major update to WordPress.

Do not lose yourself in the vast sea of WooCommerce themes. Be clear on the requirements you have. Knowing what aspects you need to consider when selecting themes will assist you in making the right decision.

4. Memory Limit

You may be right to think that using the standard memory limitation of 32MB for PHP on your WooCommerce store will help reduce your costs.

However, most of the time, this isn’t enough. Therefore, increasing the limit to 256 MB can assist in avoiding this error.


5. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This is an extremely exciting idea that can help you improve the performance of your WooCommerce Shop. CDN is a server system that stores static files used by websites, such as CSS, JavaScript, and Images.

This will ensure an enjoyable digital experience for local customers. If your customers are located in multiple locations, CDN can significantly enhance your store’s performance. There have been numerous instances because the rate of improvement is typically 50%.

6. Plugins and Extensions

Don’t be overwhelmed by the myriad of plugins you can install. Each plugin might bring a new feature or two to aid you in providing seamless service to your customers.

Choosing plugins with the most efficient coding techniques is equally crucial. There isn’t often installing a plugin that could create a bloated website.

What should you do? In this case, you must carefully select the best plugins with the most utility, minimal plugin conflicts, and no unsafe code.

After researching a wide variety of WooCommerce extensions, we’ve settled on these two must-haves for any successful web business. These include the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export.

The WooCommerce Order Export plugin makes the most of WordPress’ innate adaptability and user-friendliness. Using this plugin, the entire customer database, including orders, may be exported with a single click in WooCommerce – if you need data samples or other information immediately, you’ve come to the right place.

Your e-commerce platform’s adaptability is boosted with the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin. Registered customers can arrange for customized delivery alternatives, which is a valuable feature – shipping prices can be estimated based on a number of factors, including the order’s total weight, the number of items included in the order, and the total price of all of those things, among others Also its benefit is its ease of use – setting up shipping prices based on a number of different criteria is a breeze in the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping backend.

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7. Unused Scripts and Stylesheets

Certain plugins might load the stylesheets and scripts in an unrelated position on your WooCommerce store’s pages. Your website can be stripped of these unneeded assets to prevent a potentially overloaded website.

For instance, there could occur instances where your contact us script will be loaded onto your Shop’s homepage, or the payment gateway script could be displayed on your homepage or shop page.

Proper placement of these scripts and eliminating scripts that are not used will improve your site’s performance. This will, in turn, enhance the Shop’s performance with WooCommerce.

8. HTTP/2

HTTP/2 proved revolutionary as it allows you to load various types of resources fast. There is no need to be concerned about blocking the volume of HTTP requests since the introduction of HTTP/2.

The advantages of HTTP/2 include improved multiplexing compared to only one TCP connection, more secure encryption, and a more efficient server that is pushing rather than just waiting to receive requests.

Check that your website is configured for HTTP/2 as it can provide a huge performance boost. Currently, the major browsers are all compatible with HTTP/2, as does your hosting provider. If it doesn’t support HTTP/2, begin seeking an alternative.

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9. Work Environment

The environment can be as important as the technology itself. If not working alone, the right communication is the key to success. Positive morale and increased productivity can result from open lines of communication between you and your employees. Learn from this and improve your workplace communication. With better leadership and communication skills within the team, your WooCommerce job will most certainly grow faster!


However appealing your website’s layout is to shoppers, without a beautiful product page, all efforts could go into the mud. There are numerous websites with a beautiful layout with all the necessary UX/UI components on their pages, yet they cannot increase their conversion rates from online sales.

Nearly all e-commerce websites are focused on improving your checkout, cart pages, the homepage, and many more.