Five of the best alternatives to Wix for building your website in 2022

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Are you looking for the top Wix alternatives but don’t know which one is the best? We’ve got you covered. Finding the most effective web-based design tool for your company is among the crucial decisions you’ll have to take as a business owner. Your company’s success and growth depend on the platform on which you decide to keep your website. They also depend on the eCommerce platforms you choose to use to promote your company. So, which are the best Wix alternatives? Let’s see what we can find out.

What are the reasons to consider a Wix alternative?

Wix is a great website builder because it has an extensive template library. Its drag-and-drop features allow you to have your website up and running in a minute. Furthermore, you don’t require any major investment to begin.

Web DesignWix offers an intuitive backend interface for users, and the tools are just a few clicks away.

5 best Wix alternatives for building your site in 2022

The site also offers instructions and tools for customizing the website to suit your needs. The result looks appealing and represents your brand to reflect your personal preferences.

What’s more?

Wix simplifies web design for those with no previous web design experience. While Wix is a decent web design tool, it does have some flaws. For instance, many editing options aren’t simple and could be intimidating to first-time users.

Wix is among the more expensive web builders since the most affordable package is $14 per month. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to alter templates with ease. After selecting an existing template, you can only make small changes. However, you can’t select a new template with ease.

However, Wix is a multi-platform company with several available platforms under its umbrella. Like, for instance, the powerful advertising tool for email and e-commerce tools are just a few of the features that the website builder gives.

Given its shortcomings, If you’re concerned about its blind spots, you might prefer to look at Wix alternatives. This article will discuss the top five options for Wix.

What We Look For in the Best Wix Alternatives

When I was evaluating Wix’s other alternatives, I concentrated on finding websites builders that provide:

Cost-effective. With Wix, you must pay extra for certain important features. I searched for website builders that cost less than Wix.

Built-in features. While Wix provides apps with more capabilities, certain website builders have additional integrated features. With their native features, you won’t have to spend time searching for apps or installing them.

Mobile-responsive templates. The need to create an entire phone version of your site is a hassle, so I researched platforms that offer responsive templates that instantly look stunning on both tablets and smartphones.

Web Design ReviewFlexibility in design. While Wix offers a wide variety of template options, you’ll be disappointed because it’s impossible to alter your template after choosing it. I searched for platforms that allow you to modify your template over time.

Customer service. You’ve probably heard of (or have experienced) the terrible customer service provided by Wix, including the absence of live chat assistance and the need to ask for a call back when you contact the support number. I’ve listed only the websites that have more support.

Free trial or plan. A few among these Wix alternatives let you create a fully functional website without paying an ounce. Some offer a trial, so you can try them for free.

5 Alternatives to Wix you must be aware of

Here are the top Wix alternatives to think about for 2022.

1. Squarespace


Best Wix Alternative for Design

$13-$40 each month and payable annually: 14-day trial free trial

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Editor’s Choice


  • Best for Design
  • Beautiful templates
  • Best customer support
  • Powerful features
  • Trials for free are available.
  • Paid Plans Prices: $12 to $46 per month

2. GoDaddy


Most Time Efficient Alternative to Wix

$6.99-$29.99 each month and billed annually. The plan is free and available


  • Most Time Efficient
  • Design-assisted construction
  • Very user-friendly
  • Excellent for SEO novices.
  • Free plan available
  • Pay-per-month plans: $6.99 – $29.99 / month

3. Weebly


Best Free Plan for Short-Term Use

$6-76 monthly per month, annually billed. The plan is free and available


  • Best Free Plan for Short-Term Use
  • VERY GOOD out 5
  • Free and generous plan
  • Best value pricing plans
  • Tools and editors that are no longer in use and out of date
  • Free plan available
  • Paid Plans Cost: $6 to $29 per month

4. Zyro


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Most Similar to Wix

$4.90-$18.90 each month per month, annually billed. No free trial or trial offer

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  • Most Similar to Wix
  • GOOD out 5
  • Easy, inexpensive, and straightforward
  • Helpful extra features
  • One to be sure to
  • Pay-per-month plans: $1.9 – $29.99 / month

5. Jimdo


Best Value for Money

$9 to $15 each month to be payable annually: no cost plan is available

Best Value For Money


  • Best Value for Money
  • GOOD out of
  • Creates a brand image for you
  • Great value price plans
  • Limited features
  • Free plan available
  • Paid Plans Prices range from $9 to $39 per month.


Creating a website doesn’t have to be a difficult job that only experienced developers can handle. With Wix and other alternatives, creating websites for business or eCommerce with no technical knowledge is easy.

To choose the right Wix alternative, it is important to know your business’s needs and budget. This will help you decide which web-based builder best fits your company.

No matter which Wix option you select, it’s crucial to utilize a powerful marketing plugin that will help you promote your website.