5 Tools to Fine-Tune Your Social Media Advertising Strategy

Social Media

Today, companies rely on marketing tools that are digital for survival.

Sounds dramatic, right?

Consider that a solid technology stack can help you grow and helps ensure that you’re not working on tedious tasks.


Without a doubt, social media has become the forefront of 21st-century advertising. Based on research, the average American checks their various social media accounts 17 times per day. When you subtract the eight hours spent sleeping, that’s more than once per waking hour.

Small businesses, in particular, would do well to take advantage of social media for advertising and customer support. Having a large social media following is useless if you don’t also have an extensive customer information database. As a result, you need solid CRM to supplement your social media marketing efforts.

Aside from the social media benefits you can gain from implementing CRM, like attracting new leads, implementing CRM can also help you in financial tracking for your business.

Modern marketing tools

However, on the other hand, not using modern marketing tools can mean that your business could be ahead of your competitors.

The best part? There’s no shortage of programs available to perform the heavy lifting in your essential marketing tasks.

In addition to the standard devices (like Facebook and Twitter Analytics), Here are five tools that can help you develop innovative strategies for advertising on social media:

To design and perfect an effective social media marketing plan for your YouTube channel, podcast, or brand, you must identify your target audience, establish specific, measurable goals, and develop the content that will meet your goals. Here are some helpful tips on using social media to increase the visibility of your website.

1. OptiMonk

Optipop Monk

The platform of OptiMonk allows businesses to catch consumers’ attention and keep them from being bounced around in personalized pop-ups.

With a particular focus on lead capture and exit-intent messages, the platform’s targeting based on behavior means that pop-ups do not have to disrupt your users.

For instance, OptiMonk encourages users to divide their marketing messages into segments and provide the messages only in logical situations. From returning customers to those who are Window shopping for the first time, This platform allows you to develop campaigns relevant to your entire customer base instead of treating them as universally applicable.

The benefit of OptiMonk is that it’s renowned for its simplicity of use. It comes with a wide range of templates, each with a proven average click-through rate; brands can personalize their ads by utilizing pop-ups that have been tested and proven to work.

2. HubSpot

Hub Spot
Hub Spot

HubSpot, a business recognized for its CRM and marketing inbound software, has introduced an email marketing service. HubSpot Email Marketing can be simple to use, boasts remarkable performance, and is connected to all other HubSpot products, including the free-for-ever CRM and hundreds of other well-known marketing tools. It includes a Free Plan, which includes up to 2,000 emails per month, contacts lists, a drag-and-drop email builder, and templates that are ready-made to help you start immediately.

The most appealing aspect of? HubSpot simplifies integrations and connects tools. One available integration is Sprout Social. As a component of Sprout’s features for the care, you can design and assign tasks to your customer service team. Through the integration between Sprout and HubSpot, your team can make, track, handle, and resolve problems without ever leaving the application.

3. Awario: Make your brand more visible


What topics on your social media engagement are you most? What kind of deals and products are talked about on social networks? What is the biggest issue that your customers have and urging them to share their grievances via social media?

A well-planned social listening strategy can answer all of these concerns and more. In addition to making use of listeners on social networks as a part of your customer service and relationship management strategy, ensure that you create a few additional alerts that you can be aware of:

Social media listening strategies provide an abundance of information for you to design a more educated marketing strategy.

Awario offers a powerful platform for listening to social media with a vital market research element that lets you understand your industry. Utilize the Awario the boolean search feature to build advanced alerts which include several brands in one dashboard or allow you to keep track of all your targeted keywords.

Awario employs sophisticated algorithms to prioritize mentions and create a handy email digest to make it easier to read daily emails.

In addition to using social listening in analyzing market trends, a few companies use another effective strategy:

  • Curate the brand’s social evidence and utilize it for an advertisement copy.
  • Create an alert that will notify the brand’s positive mentions.
  • Keep these updates to use while adjusting your advertising copy or looking for fresh ideas to promote your company’s brand through social networks.

In the end, Awario lets you assess your new advertising strategy by giving you access to your company’s growth figures and lets you see how the perception of your brand is changing.

When creating an ad for social media, use all sorts of marketing techniques. For instance, examine your most successful email blasts and think about reusing these subjects. Also, look over your most effective headlines or CTAs and figure out a way to incorporate the same look in your marketing copy.

4. SparkToro: Research your audience


Who are the people who are behind your targeted account on social networks? What hashtags do they use? Who are they listening to?

The answers to all those questions will help you on various levels, starting with creating a buyer’s persona to help you improve the effectiveness of your advertisements and finding other ways to develop your targeted strategy, including using hashtags or influencers to drive your targeting.

SparkToro can be described as an instrument for research on your audience, which allows you to gain access to numerous well-organized data about the way your customers discuss the topic they are most interested in, as well as who they are engaging on social media and which YouTube channels they’re a subscriber to, as well as which magazines or blogs they follow.

5. Keep values consistent across platforms

Social Media

Utilizing different strategies and types of content for every social network is essential for optimizing your content. However, Cromer recommends that the social media directors look to maintain some consistency across different platforms.

“Make sure your values and brand are clear and consistent across your social channels,” she suggests. When creating posts and campaigns, the tone and message should be consistent with your overall marketing plan, no matter where you intend to post the content.

Final thoughts

The entire purpose of social networking sites (whether you’re a podcaster, a business podcaster, or a private user) is to make connections. Cromer advises social media administrators to use this chance to interact with their followers. “Growing your following is important, but don’t forget to engage with the followers you already have,” she adds. “If done well, each interaction will strengthen your connections and keep your followers around for the long haul!”