This is Why you must have Security Ninja on your site


WordPress is fairly secure by itself. However, you need additional security once you add new themes, a wide variety of plugins, and various server configurations. Additional security is provided by various WordPress security plugins, both free and premium. The plugins assist in preventing harmful attempts to access your website and take control of it.

A security plugin gives your website a much higher chance of not being hacked, but no plugin can ever promise 100% protection. It is usually a good idea to have additional security from a WordPress Security plugin because of the complexity of any current system and the requirement that plugins and themes work together without difficulty.


In the span of 10 years, for how long Security Ninja has been available, it has helped thousands of site owners to feel safe. It allows you to run over 50 security tests in an instant and discover issues you may have missed otherwise. With firewall protection, malware scanner, scheduled scans, security tests, and much more, WordPress sites are completely protected with Security Ninja. Everything you need to keep spammers and hackers out of your website.

All of the files on your system are located by Security Ninja, which also checks that only the proper files are present in the folders used by WordPress and notifies you if any improper files are there. The additional files that are known to be present are examined individually and compared to the version that we know to be the original from

You can keep track of what is happening, and which user performed what and when with audit logging in the event logger (a feature available only to Pro subscribers). If there are several attempts to hack your site or login, you can identify IP addresses that should be blocked by keeping a track of what is happening. Security Ninja Pro is a robust heuristic scanner that can find patterns and code samples in your plugins and themes and warn you about any questionable files. Plugins and themes are examined for malicious files. The pro version also offers cloud firewall protection, preventing millions of known malicious IP addresses from even trying to access your website.


Security Ninja has a plethora of cool and useful features to help you keep your website security on top. Compared to other competitors it does offer more powerful and comprehensive features.

The firewall will block dangerous and suspicious visitors automatically for you, the malware scanner will scan your website to check for any malicious code, the vulnerability scanner will warn you if you have any vulnerable plugins installed, and the list of bad IP addresses is updated twice daily to help you block bad bots and spammers.

You can also auto-fix more than 30 issues in one click, monitor, track, and log more than 50 events on the site, and use scheduled scans to be notified in case of any changes to your website. Other than this, you can block by country, verify WordPress installation, redirect blocked visitors, protect your login form, block suspicious requests, check the integrity of installed plugins, import and export settings, and much more.

Firewall Protection

Filter out any attempts to execute or inject code into your website to defend yourself from malicious requests. Malicious code will be attempted to be injected into your website by hackers. Security Ninja examines all traffic to see if any potentially harmful code is present. All incoming traffic is screened by a firewall, which stops harmful requests. blocks SQL injection attacks, executable file uploads, and many other things.

You can keep up with the bad guys by employing the cloud firewall. They won’t be able to access your website or log in to it. Your login is protected against brute-force attempts by the local firewall. Anyone who repeatedly fails to log in during a specific period will be blacklisted.

Malware Scanner

With the continued success of WordPress, the platform has become a major and fascinating target for attackers looking for security flaws to exploit. Malware attacks are on the rise. The PHP malware scanner library is used to scan files for known threats as well as common code seen in malicious scripts.

Malware scanner offers a one-click scan to quickly identify problematic files. It can scan all theme files, all plugin files, all files uploaded to the wp-content folder, the entire WordPress installation, and the options DB table. It can whitelist files that are marked as safe, delete files that should not be in WP folders, and it is compatible with all themes and plugins.

Core Scanner

The folders wp-admin/ and wp-includes/ in the website’s root contain the WordPress core files. The roughly 1,200 essential WordPress files in your installation are compared with the safe master copy kept by by the core scanner. You may quickly determine whether even one byte in a file has changed by clicking on it. The Core Scanner module allows you to quickly check for modified files and correct any issues.

The Core Scanner scans all core files with one click, identifies problematic files, and restores modified files with one click. It is great for removing exploits and fixing accidental edits. You can also view file sources and fix broken auto-updates. The scan gives you color-coded results that are separated into five categories: files that are modified and should not have been, files that are missing and should not be, files that are modified and they are supposed to be, files that are missing but not vital to WP, and intact files.

Scheduled Scanner

A scheduled scanner lets you automatically scan your WordPress website for malicious code. Also, you will get email notifications if your website gets infected and email reports. It is very easy to set up. You can also receive detailed and color-coded scan logs.

Events Logger

The event logger module helps you keep an activity log of important events and track suspicious activity in your administration and determine the root. You can monitor, track and log more than 50 events, track what is happening on your site all the time, easily filter through events, know exactly when and how an action happened, receive email alerts, etc. The following modules are logged: comments, file editor, installer, media, menus, posts, Security Ninja, settings, taxonomies, users, and widgets.

Each log contains the date and time, event description, username, role of the user, IP and user agent, module, and WordPress action.


For your WordPress website, Security Ninja offers free vulnerability detection. This function alerts you if a plugin has a known vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers to attack your website. WordPress vulnerabilities are found in public repositories by Security Ninja, who then checks the list against the installed plugins on your website.

Both free and premium users have access to this service, which notifies you of any installed plugins that have a known exploit or vulnerability. The list of vulnerabilities is instantly downloaded to your website after WP Security Ninja installation and is then updated regularly.

Security testing

The foundation of Security Ninja is the security tests, which combine years of expertise in WordPress security and give you a thorough overview of everything you need to know about your site.

Both free and paid users have access to this tool, which involves checking for various WordPress security flaws. Every test comes with a thorough description and instructions on how to manually repair it. The auto fixer module included with the Pro edition makes it simple to correct some of the failed tests. The tool performs over 50 tests in one click.

Security Ninja for MainWP

With the help of the free and open-source plugin MainWP, you can maintain all of your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

Security Ninja offers a free MainWP extension that will get you an overview of all websites you have installed Security Ninja on. This means you do not have to install the extension for each child site, only the master.

The extension checks a list of more than 2700+ known vulnerabilities to plugins and themes to notify you of any vulnerabilities on your website. Users who are Pro and Free can both utilize this module. A smart place to start when trying to secure your website is by going through the list of security vulnerabilities. To get a general idea of where you need to improve the security of your website, use this add-on.

Plans and pricing

Security Ninja offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is a great starting point and offers essential features for your website security. Paid plans offer different features and range from $39.99 for the Starter plan, to $199.99 for the Pro plan. The main difference between the paid plans is in the number of websites you can use the tool on.


Security Ninja is a very versatile and comprehensive security tool that will help you keep your website protected at all times. Although it is almost impossible to keep a website 100% secure, it is your responsibility to employ the best tools that will help you keep the number of vulnerabilities and attacks at a minimum.

If you want to try out Security Ninja without installing any of the versions, you can do so with the free demo. Do not forget that the security of your website and visitors is one of the most important parts of keeping your brand reputation high.